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All-on-4 is a technique that requires the use of fewer implants than traditional methods. The professionals of the Mon Smile team offer you high quality prostheses for increased comfort and a radiant smile.



What is the All-on-4 technique?

All-on-4 is a concept that requires fewer implants in the upper or lower jaw than traditional methods. This technique can also make it possible to avoid certain other procedures, such as a bone graft for example. On average, complete rehabilitation of the upper jaw requires between 6 to 8 traditional implants. For its part, the All-on-4 method only requires 4 implants. Posterior implants are therefore inserted at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees rather than vertically. This concept sometimes allows patients with bone loss to qualify for implants without the need for a bone graft.

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What is the difference between the All-on-4 technique and a denture?

Conventional dentures are custom made for each patient. They stay in place by suction and sometimes require the help of dental adhesive. However, the supporting tissue resorbs, and the prosthesis becomes less stable over time. To avoid discomfort, the prosthesis must therefore be replaced. The All-on-4 technique involves placing four dental implants in the jawbone. The jawbone is stimulated by chewing and bone loss, often seen with conventional dentures, is reduced. Since this is a fixed denture technique, there is no risk of the teeth moving while eating or speaking. In addition, the All-on-4 concept gives a more natural appearance and the possibility of eating more solid foods.


Here are the steps of the ALL-ON-4® procedure

The initial meeting with a Mon Smile  coordinator

During your first meeting with the team, you will have the chance to freely discuss your teething problems, the frustrations you are experiencing and the results you hope to achieve as a result of the treatment. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and learn about all the solutions available to you.

From the first moment, we will agree with you on your specific needs and the physical characteristics to be respected. The goal is to associate you with a dentist or a specialist who is a member of Mon Smile. Thus, your new smile will be perfectly adapted to your face type, your complexion, the look you want to project and all the other physiological traits that come into play.

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Step 2

Developing a treatment plan with the chosen professional

After your initial consultation and before placing the implants, an x-ray and a 3d scan are taken to determine the best location for the implants. The density of your bone is also examined to determine the need for a bone graft. Then, we will take the impression of your mouth so that we can produce temporary prostheses so that, the day of the surgery, you come out with a beautiful smile.

The dentist can thus control all the parameters relating to the therapeutic approach in order to better plan the treatment that will allow you to smile again.


Step 3

The day of the intervention

Thanks to advanced technologies, the dentist will have established a treatment plan allowing him to implement the ALL-ON-4® protocol. During this visit, the professional will, if necessary, perform the extractions of the remaining teeth, install the implants and fix temporary prostheses.

The ALL-ON-4® dental implant procedure is a good example of an immediate onset protocol. After the initial preparation, patients who qualify for this procedure will receive only four implants per jawbone (normally) as well as a complete replacement dentition. The advantage of this procedure is the speed with which removable dentures can be replaced with permanent implants and new fixed dentition.

As with any other type of surgery, tissue healing takes time. Thus, during this day, you will receive a temporary fixed dentition (long-lasting temporary prosthesis in resin) which exerts less pressure on your gums and your implants.

Step 4

Your new smile

When your gums have healed and the implants are stable, the dentist will install your new permanent teeth. This is made of natural looking materials and increased strength allowing you to eat all your favorite foods. At this stage, you will have regained your smile and the quality of life you deserve.

Because your new fixed dentures and dental implants are made of premium materials, your new teeth will look like natural teeth in every way.

All-on-4 prix québec

Since the introduction of the technique, the average cost for an All-on-4 * treatment has been 20 000$ to 25 000$ per dental arch, both for the top and the bottom.

Our coordinator will be able to see with you what is possible to deduct with your insurance and also give you an approximate for a tax return.

In addition, we offer financing that can range from 6 months without payment or interest to loans with equal payments of 60 to 120 months. The goal is to make you comfortable with affordable monthly payments.

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