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Dental appliance

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Dental appliance : There are basically four kinds of dental appliances:

  1. Braces or multi-attachment devices;
  2. Removable invisible aligners like Invisalign, Clear Correct, Suresmile etc.
  3. Retention devices
  4. The false palates also called palatal expander

Orthodontic treatment has many benefits. Among these we note:

  • Improving the aesthetics of your smile
  • Better chewing and respiratory function
  • Improved speech
  • Improved teeth and gum health
  • Increase in esteem and confidence

Proper position of teeth and jaws facilitates good chewing and improves digestion of food. The impact is beneficial for overall health. In addition, a good alignment of the teeth influences the position of the lips which thus allows the good elocution of words.

By correcting the occlusion with orthodontic treatments, the tension in the teeth, bones, muscles and temporomandibular joints can be reduced. The correct alignment of the teeth promotes more effective cleaning thus reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Dental braces or multi-attachement devices

Dental braces – These contain “brackets”. They are the most widely used devices to date for orthodontic treatment. Resistant, the brackets can be made of ceramic or metal. By being transparent, ceramic cases are often preferred for aesthetic reasons. The brackets are connected to the orthodontic wire using rubber bands. This process requires more pressure to move the teeth, causing the patient a little more discomfort. It is also important to pay attention to the diet with this type of treatment. For example, it is not recommended to consume gums of all kinds, hard and sticky candies as well as corn.

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Appareil dentaire : Broche dentaire

Dental appliance - Invisalign transparent aligners, Clear Correct

Invisalign aligners offer several advantages over braces :

  • They are transparent and practically invisible
  • They are comfortable, thin and smooth, they adapt to the teeth and do not irritate the inside of the mouth
  • They are removable, no food restriction because they can be removed to eat
  • They reduce the frequency of less frequent orthodontic appointments, and your check-ups will be much shorter compared to traditional braces.

Transparent aligners are created using advanced technology based on each patient’s own treatment plan.

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Dental appliance : Palatal expansion and retention

A retainer is a fixed or removable dental device that is custom-made and adapts to the teeth. Retainers are typically made with clear plastic and have thin wires to optimize patient comfort.

The false palate, also known as the palatal plate, is a removable type of dental appliance. This device is mainly used to correct minimal dental defects. The false palate is made up of small metal or resin plates which are held to the palate by means of hooks. These hooks are themselves attached to the patient’s teeth. The device exerts pressure on the jaw which allows the latter to move apart. Once or twice a week, the orthodontist increases the pressure on the plaque. The advantage of this device is that it is particularly suitable for children. In general, the false palate is applied around the age of 6 or 7 years.

The false palate is also very popular because of its price. The device is indeed much less expensive than conventional rings. The maintenance of this type of device is easy, but it requires taking some precautions.

  • The retainers should be worn for several hours or several days without interruption ;
  • It is advisable to avoid eating certain types of foods ;
  • The retainers must necessarily be cleaned after each meal ;
  • During intense or brutal sporting activities, it is advisable to remove the device to avoid shocks that could damage it.

expansion palatine

Dental appliance prices and tax credit

Tax credit :

Costs related to orthodontic treatment are normally considered medical expenses for tax purposes. You may therefore be entitled to a tax credit of up to 3000$

Dental insurance

Dental Alignment and Palatal Expansion:

If you have dental insurance, orthodontics may be part of the covered care.

Not all insurance plans cover orthodontics. If so, you will need to validate the age limit. Sometimes there may be a maximum limit of 18 or 21. Coverage ranges from 1500$ to 3000$.

Retention device :

Insurance generally covers occlusal plates every 5 years (up to 80%). Retention devices can fall into this category.

The costs :

Dental alignment: 1000$ to 9000$

Palatal expander: between 2500$ and 5000$

Retention device: between 100$ and 700$ (Essix being the cheapest, Viverra being the most expensive)

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