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Fixed dental prosthesis

You don’t like the mobility of your dentures? Opt for fixed dentures or removable fixed dentures here. The professionals of the Mon Smile team offer you high quality prostheses for increased comfort and a radiant smile.


Fixed dental prosthesis on implants

Placement of implants is the latest alternative to enter the dental prosthesis market. This technique allows the replacement of one or more missing teeth by placing titanium implants directly in the jawbone. Thanks to the placement of implants, a patient will be able to recover all the comfort of a stable removable prosthesis. In the case of a fixed prosthesis (crown or bridge), the aesthetic and functional effect is comparable to natural dentition. In addition, the use (and modification) of neighbouring natural teeth is no longer necessary (as is the case with the fabrication of a bridge).

A treatment in implantology requires a lot of rigour, as much in the planning as in the realization. The collaboration of several specialists in the dental field (surgeon, dentist, dental technician) is necessary for the realization of the various stages. We start with a precise analysis of the case. The surgeon then places the implant in the bone. The whole thing is left to heal for a few months to allow the implant to integrate into the bone mass. Subsequently, the specialist can proceed to manufacture the prosthesis from impressions taken beforehand.

prothese dentaire fixe sur implant

Removable prosthesis on implants

Removable prostheses on implants are ideal for patients whose complete dental prosthesis (denture) is unstable in the mouth due to a lack of gum support. The removable prosthesis can be made on implants using different methods. The method chosen will depend on the number of implants placed in the mouth and the functional restrictions (height available to manufacture the prosthesis, position of the implants, etc.).

prothese dentaire fixe amovible sur implant

Fixed or removable dental prosthesis on implant price

Price examples

Cost example:
– Complete prosthesis on mandible implants: From 7 720$ or approximately 120$ per month.
– Complete prosthesis on maxillary implants: From 14 960$ or approximately 170$ per month.
– Single tooth on implant: From 4490$ or approximately 75$ per month.
For more details on these prices, make an appointment for a free consultation with the Mon Smile team

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    Removable dental prosthesis

    Mon Smile works in collaboration with several dentists and specialists to offer you removable dental prostheses on implants that will meet your expectations.

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