Occlusal plate

The bite plate to prevent the upper teeth from touching the lower teeth

The purpose of the bite plate is to prevent the upper teeth from touching the lower teeth. The inability to bring them into contact prevents damage that can be caused by clenching or grinding of teeth.

There are a variety of bite plate designs to suit the dentition, bite and physiognomy of bruxers.

It should be noted that a bite plate does not cure the cause or consequences of bruxism, but it does act as a preventative measure. It allows the jaw muscles to relax and thus reduce the pressure exerted on the TMJs. Over time, the teeth-grinding reflex may disappear and the clenching may not do as much damage.

The custom-made bite plate

La plaque occlusale est faite sur mesure à la clinique dentaire à partir d’empreintes dentaires prises du patient. Ces empreintes servent à fabriquer des modèles des dents et ensuite, la plaque articulaire en tant que telle. La fabrication des modèles et de la plaque peut être effectuée sur place ou dans un laboratoire externe. Dans un tel cas, deux rendez-vous sont nécessaires : le premier pour prendre les empreintes et le deuxième pour la mise en bouche et l’ajustement de la plaque.

The bite plate is made to measure at the dental clinic from dental impressions taken of the patient. These impressions are used to make models of the teeth and then the actual bite plate. The production of the models and the plate can be done on site or in an external laboratory. In such a case, two appointments are necessary: the first one to take the impressions and the second one to put the plate in the mouth and adjust it.