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Dental braces - Orthodontics

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What are dental braces?

Dental braces contain “brackets” and they are the most widely used appliances to date for orthodontic treatments. Resistant, the brackets can be made of ceramic or metal. By being transparent, ceramic brackets are often preferred for aesthetic reasons. The brackets are connected to the orthodontic wire using rubber bands. This process requires more pressure to move the teeth, causing the patient a little more discomfort. It is also important to pay attention to the diet with this type of treatment. For example, it is not recommended to consume gums of all kinds, hard and sticky candies as well as corn.

Mon Smile believes that everyone has the right to a beautiful smile. We offer a free consultation with dentists and orthodontic specialists who will take the time to see all the options available to you for quality treatment.
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Pourquoi les broches dentaires ?

Un traitement orthodontique présente de nombreux bénéfices. Parmis ceux-ci on note :

  • Amélioration de l’esthétisme de votre sourire
  • Meilleure fonction masticatrice et respiratoire
  • Élocution améliorée
  • Santé des dents et des gencives bonifiée
  • Augmentation de l’estime et de la confiance

Une bonne position des dents et des mâchoires facilite une bonne mastication et permet d’améliorer la digestion des aliments. L’impact est bénéfique pour la santé globale. De plus, un bon alignement des dents influence la position des lèvres qui permet ainsi la bonne élocution des mots.

En corrigeant l’occlusion à l’aide de traitements orthodontiques, les tension aux dents, aux os, aux muscles et aux articulations temporo-mandibulaires permettent d’être diminuées. Le bon alignement des dents favorise un nettoyage plus efficace diminuant ainsi le risque de caries et de maladies des gencives.

Who are dental braces for ?

It is common to believe that orthodontic treatment is only for children and adolescents. However, adults too can reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Whether using fixed devices or removable devices like Invisalign® scalable aligners, it’s never too late to achieve a radiant smile!

Dental braces - how much do they cost?

Each case is specific, because each treatment is different. If it is a minor treatment, the price is around 1000$. For more “heavy” issues, the cost will be between 5000$ and 9000$.

Orthodontic costs are normally considered medical expenses for tax purposes. You may therefore be entitled to a tax credit of up to 3000$

If you have dental insurance, orthodontics may be part of the covered care.

Not all insurances cover orthodontics, moreover if you have coverage you will need to validate the age limit sometimes it can have a maximum limit of 18 or 21, coverage varies between 1500$ and 3000$.

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Dental braces- Orthodontics - Free consultation


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